To serve people means listening intently, problem-solving, removing barriers, addressing inequities, taking actionable steps to improve outcomes, being more inclusive, and celebrating diversity. I am dedicated to listening, learning, and to being an active ally that will use any position I am in to share the mic with others. I am passionate about addressing the following areas:

Innovation & Technology

Consumer Protection. Data Privacy. Artificial Intelligence. Cybersecurity. Technical Training. Transparency.

Our communities are only as stable as their access to each other, to those they serve, to government, to partners, and to the global economy. We need to be thoughtful, collaborative, inclusive, and innovative in our approach to solving problems and leveraging technology. We need to have conversations that evaluate the long-term, not just to what is directly in front of us. We also need to consider what is going on outside of Vermont, whether that means across the United States, or around the world.

Economic & Community Development

Small Business & Entrepreneurship. Housing. Workforce. Public & Continuing Education. Broadband.

The vitality of our communities depends on the health of our small businesses, accessible housing, supporting our workforce, encouraging entrepreneurs, and leveraging our creative economy. While there is infrastructure in place, there are many gaps in service, under-leveraged partners, and opportunities to extend funding so it reaches more people in every corner of Vermont.

Community Health & Wellbeing

Economic & Racial Justice. Medical & Mental Health. Addiction. Women’s Rights. Gender Equality. Seniors.

We must reach a point where individuals and families can thrive with effective, affordable, and equitable access to child care, education, insurance, and healthcare. It is critical that our systems support people of all ages, backgrounds, identities, in both physical and mental health. We need to effectively support community services, evolve K-12 curriculums, and encourage relationships between community members, schools, and integrated health providers.

Environment & Recreation

Environmental Protection. Water Quality. Conservation. Outdoor Recreation. Sustainability. Climate Action.

We live in an incredibly beautiful part of the world. We are fortunate to have an abundance of natural and recreational assets that provide opportunities for education, exercise, meditation, and community building. We need to make sure that we are smart, responsible stewards of our environment – from the air we breathe, to the land we travel, to the bodies of water that we and countless other species depend on to thrive.

Bradford Business Association Meeting
Citizens' Academy at The Space On Main
Paddleboarding on the Connecticut River
Monique at Space On Main Ribbon Cutting