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Local & Statewide Candidate Meet & Greets on Main St, Bradford, VT
The Monique for Vermont campaign will be hosting two candidate meet and greet events, one on October 17th, and one on November 3rd. Both events will feature a mix of local and statewide Democratic candidates. Candidates will have a few minutes to introduce themselves, then we’ll open it up for questions, followed by mingling.

Everyone is welcome. We hope that you will join us!

Candidate Meet & Greet: Part 1 on October 17th 6:00-8:00pm
Please RSVP: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/1017meet
The October 17th event will feature: Brenda Siegel, David Zuckerman, Sarah Copeland Hanzas, Jane Kitchel, Mark MacDonald, Carl Demrow, Kelsey-Root Winchester, Monique Priestley, With potential for others to join! Pizza will be provided.

Candidate Meet & Greet: Part 2 on November 3rd 9:00-11:00am
Please RSVP: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/1103meet
The November 3rd event will feature: Peter Welch, Becca Balint, Brenda Siegel, Charity Clark, Mike Pieciak, Sarah Copeland Hanzas, Carl Demrow, Monique Priestley, With potential for others to join! Pastries and coffee will be provided.

Both events will be located at The Space On Main, 174 Main St, Bradford, VT (next to Colatina Exit).

If you cannot join us, be sure to check moniqueforvermont.com for a livestream and event recordings.

Location rental, food, beverages, and advertising is paid for by the Monique for Vermont campaign. For more information visit moniqueforvermont.com

8-9am Thursday Mornings @ Vittles on Main St, Bradford, VT
Let’s have coffee! I am running for State Representative and would love to hear what you are looking for in representation of your needs at the Vermont State House. I host weekly coffee hours in Bradford. Keep an eye out for additional Meet & Greet opportunities in Bradford, Fairlee, and West Fairlee!


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